bridgerton season 2
Credit: Netflix

Bridgerton season 2 is finally here and it feels like we’ve been waiting an absolute age to see the Regency romping return.

Of course, some things are noticeably absent; the Duke’s spoon, for one, and a smattering of scandalously dangerous looking library ladder sex for another. Instead of steamy scenes, there’s a much more toned-down feel to the show – which has divided viewers.

However, that hasn’t stopped fans from binging the new series and talking endlessly about the Edwina/Anthony/Kate love triangle, the bizarre sex props and the hugely significant moments they missed the first time around.

But it seems that behind the scenes, things didn’t always go so swimmingly – leading cast members to call one epic scene ‘cursed’. Oh dear.

Filming for the second season started during the pandemic, which meant that its release was delayed and the cast and crew faced a number of logistical issues. And according to Polly Walker and Bessie Carter (Portia and Prudence Featherington), one ball room scene had to be re-shot so many times that they came up with a new name for it.

Talking to Cosmopolitan UK, Bessie explained: ‘Like many productions we shut down because of covid, and we did shut down during one of the balls – I think we filmed that ball like four times?

‘We went back to that same ball and those same costumes – and we never wear the same costume twice so it was really weird to then put back on the same costume four times.’

She added: ‘The cursed ball! That’s what we kept calling it, “the cursed ball”.’

Well, it seems they managed to pull it all together eventually!

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