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As the week begins, we’re fresh off the heels of a Leo full moon, and this dynamic lunation is encouraging all zodiac signs to  step into bolder, more passionate avenues as we approach the astrological new year (which begins on 20th March, when the sun enters Aries).  

This third week of Aquarius season is innovative and revolutionary — but the revolution is the type that starts within.

There’s something that’s been rumbling within us during Mars’ extra-long stay in Gemini, most likely encouraging us to explore completely new ventures,  environments, or relationships than what we’ve experienced before.  

Now that Mars is picking up speed after its two-month retrograde, we’ll enter the week feeling like galactic superheroes, ready to tackle whatever challenge is in store.

Mercury remains in Capricorn until the 11th though, so even if you feel ready to hit the ground running, the universe will remind you of the power of slowing down and pacing yourself as you ascend.

Aries Sun & Aries Rising

Aries, now that Jupiter is in your sign and we’ve just experienced the Leo Full Moon in your sector of fate, true love, and creativity, you’re coming alive this week and ready to make a mark for yourself.  

Your planetary ruler Mars is currently in Gemini, and that could have you moving in several directions, so use the Virgo moon Monday through Wednesday to pace yourself as you brainstorm the different options.

Try to narrow it down to one to two passion projects instead of  putting too much on your plate.  

Thursday through Saturday, the Libra Moon shifts your focus to your relationships. Make sure that you’ve been pouring into others the way you want them to pour into you. ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Taurus Sun & Taurus Rising

Taurus, this week is likely to feel expansive for you, especially now that you’ve overcome some family-related drama or challenges due to the recent Leo full moon.  

You’re stepping into this week with a solution-oriented mind, and now that Uranus, the planet of surprise, is picking up speed in your sign, you may find yourself thinking of out-of-the-box solutions to problems that previously worried you.  

Mercury remains in Capricorn into the 11th, making an ideal time to tackle practical tasks that you know you need to get done. That may be easier said than done though, because Venus is currently in Pisces, encouraging you to lay low, relax, and say no to too many responsibilities.  ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Gemini Sun & Gemini Rising

Gemini, this is a powerful week for shooting your shot in any direction you choose. Mars is direct in your zodiac sign and making its way out of its post-shadow period.

While this may feel confidence-boosting, it also can make you feel like there’s so much to do at once. The Virgo moon Monday to Wednesday reminds you of the power of simplicity, and delegation. If you simply ask for what you want, you’re likely to receive the support you need.
Thursday through Saturday, the Libra Moon encourages you to be more adventurous, creative, and carefree. Play hooky from work and experiment with a new art form. It’ll inspire you to expand your personal and creative horizons.  ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Cancer Sun & Cancer Rising

Cancer, this week you’ll very much still be feeling the effects of the Leo full moon that took place on Sunday. It activated your sector of money and values, and that’s most likely two themes that you’ll be reflecting on this week.  

Mercury’s presence in Capricorn until Feb 11th activates your sector of partnership,  encouraging you to lean on others for support whenever you feel stressed or challenged.  

This weekend’s Scorpio moon amps up your intensity and sensuality, making it an ideal time to say yes to an intimate rendezvous with someone special, or to take yourself out on a self-love date. No need to wait ’til Valentine’s Day to say yes to love or to shower yourself with it,  Cancer. It’s already saying yes to you! ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Leo Sun & Leo Rising

Leo, how are you feeling about that epic full moon in your sign?

You’ll continue to feel its empowering effects this week, making it an ideal time to go on job interviews, ask for a raise, have a heart-to-heart with someone close to you, or give yourself a makeover (especially now  that Venus is in Pisces until 20th February).  

The Libra moon Thursday through Saturday has you focused on becoming a healthier  communicator. Instead of burning bridges by letting your anger or passion get the best of you, consider taking a more diplomatic approach to self-expression, and put yourself in the other person’s shoes. ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Virgo Sun & Virgo Rising

Virgo, this week you’ll be extra focused on tying up loose ends, not just at work but particularly in your creative ventures.

If you’ve been procrastinating or being overly critical of yourself, tap into the lingering energy of the Leo full moon to take the leap and put yourself out there, even if, or especially if, you feel fear. Imagine yourself overcoming the fear that’s been building up inside of you. 

Mercury remains in Capricorn until the 11th, activating your sector of fate, true love, and adventure. If you’ve been meaning to let someone know you have feelings for them, or if you’ve wanted to take someone out on a luxurious date, this is the week to shoot your shot.  ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Libra Sun & Libra Rising

Libra, ever since your planetary ruler Venus, entered Pisces last week, you’ve been feeling  more sensual, amorous, and magnetic.

Tap into this energy this week, and use this third week of Aquarius season to play, create, date, and laugh more. 

Your sector of fate, fun, and true love is activated by the sun in Aquarius, and once Mercury shifts into Aquarius on the 12th you’ll feel as if the world is your playground.  

Enjoy this magnetic week, but also know that if you only focus on the light-hearted aspects then you may have to play catch up next week — use the moon’s presence in your sign Thursday through Saturday to incorporate greater balance and equilibrium between your social and professional priorities.  ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Scorpio Sun & Scorpio Rising

Scorpio, life is moving full steam ahead for you this week. You’re really feeling the momentum coming from the Leo full moon having activated your career sector, and this is the week to take charge and ask for what you may have previously been too cautious to ask for. Go you!
Mid-week, the Virgo moon is ideal for checking in with friends who have been coming up in your subconscious — even if it’s been months, or years, since you last talked to them.

There’s a reason you’re suddenly thinking of them, and by the time the moon enters your sign this Saturday, you’ll have greater clarity regarding what your intuition has been wanting you to see. ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Sagittarius Sun & Sagittarius Rising

Sag, this week’s energy will feel inspiring and filled with possibilities for rebirth — that’s because it is.

The energy of the Leo full moon continues to be felt until the 9th, and since that  lunation activated your sector of expansion, travel, publishing, and philosophy, you may feel inclined to plan a trip, start a new course of study, or amp up your entrepreneurial journey.  

With Mercury and Mars both direct, and your planetary ruler currently in Aries, you have the green light to try something brand new, with the confidence that you’ll succeed, and thrive.  

This weekend, the moon in Scorpio activates your sector of spirituality and healing, allowing you to find closure on matters that have caused you pain for quite some time.

Capricorn Sun & Capricorn Rising

Capricorn – Mercury, the planet of communication, completes its stay in your sign this Saturday the 11th, after more than two months transiting there.

This will feel like you’re going through a  rite of passage of sorts, especially Monday through Wednesday when the Moon’s in Virgo, helping you better discern what you’re energetically meant to take on, and take up.  

Pluto’s also spending its final month in Capricorn before entering Aquarius in March, and this is helping you evaluate the past 14 years of your life. So much pressure is going to come off your shoulders in the coming months, to the point where you may not even know what to do when you’re not carrying so much responsibility.  

The Libra moon Thursday through Saturday will help you practice the art of letting the universe take the lead. Accept the fact that you won’t always know what’s next, Capricorn — that’s part of the magic. ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Aquarius Sun & Aquarius Rising

Aquarius, think back to about two weeks ago, when you set intentions for your annual new moon in Aquarius. This week, you’ll notice that many of those seeds you planted are already starting to sprout — which means your visions are taking shape and blessings are headed your way. Your mission is to not second-guess such blessings. Accept that they’re in your life for a reason.  

Saturn, one of your planetary ruler, remains in your sign for one more month, and then it won’t visit Aquarius again for another 29 years.

Take time this week to reflect on how much you’ve grown ever since Saturn entered your sign in March 2020. Instead of focusing on where else you could be heading, use the moon’s transit through Libra Thursday through Saturday to practice mindfulness. Be here now. ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Pisces Sun & Pisces Rising

Pisces, bask in the sensual vibes that you’ll feel this week. Venus, the planet of magnetism, is in your sign until 20th February, meaning that you’re currently the celestial favourite, as Venus feels exalted (euphoric) when in Pisces. Anything you want, you can have. But what is it that you want, exactly, Pisces?  

Mars’ presence in Gemini could have you going back and forth between what your mind is telling you you need and what your heart actually wants.

Use the Virgo moon Monday through  Wednesday to ground yourself in nature and drown out the distractions. Deep down, the answer is simpler and more obvious than you think, and it may be revealed to you by this weekend’s Scorpio moon.ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

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