Welcome to the astro new year! Aries season begins on 20th March, and on the 21st the  Aries new moon strikes and ushers dynamic, bold, and adventurous energy into the cosmos. 

Aries season represents the start of the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, and the fall equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. No matter where you’re located in the world, the combo of the sun and moon in Aries as the week begins will help us feel revitalized and confident. 

Once Pluto, the planet of transformation, enters Aquarius on the 23rd for the first time since 1798, we’re collectively going to feel like we’re pressing the ‘reset‘ button in many areas of our lives. Life may feel a bit trippier between now and June, teaching us to accept the unpredictabilities. 

This weekend, the moon shifts into Gemini, helping us broaden our horizons on an intellectual, physical, and even metaphysical level. We’d benefit from connecting with friends who bring out the best in us, and vice versa. Once Mars enters Cancer on the 25th, we’ll be even more selective about who we give our time, energy, and resources to. Quality over quantity. 

Aries Sun & Aries Rising

Happy birthday season, Aries! Now that the sun is in your sign, and we’re experiencing the first new moon of the astrological new year on the 21st, you’ll feel like the cosmic golden child. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is also in your sign for two more months, so whatever you’ve been wishing for has a higher likelihood of coming true if you remain focused on the prize.  

But what exactly is your prize this year, Aries? The moon’s in Taurus Thursday through Saturday,  and you may spend those days reflecting more seriously on your values, as well as your money story. Pluto’s entrance into Aquarius on the 23rd encourages you to tap into community building instead of being the sole investor your projects or visions. Allow yourself to be supported and amplified.  

If you’ve been unsure about where to direct your attention, this is the week where you may experience your ‘aha!’ moment and choose the path that makes you feel both emotionally and financially secure — you don’t have to choose between both. Abundance loves you, Aries.  ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Taurus Sun & Taurus Rising

Taurus – now that Venus, the planet of love and magnetism, is settled in your sign, you’re likely to be more clear about your likes and dislikes, and this helps you cut straight to the point in your interactions with others.  

As much as the fiery vibes of Aries season can at times feel overwhelming for your grounded sign, Venus’ presence in Taurus will remind you that staying grounded amidst major change is the  key to your sustainable growth. Pluto’s presence in Aquarius starting the 23rd may take you for a wild ride, but the key is to remember that the universe has your back amidst the plot twists. 

Starting 23rd Thursday, the moon’s presence in your sign deepens your sensitivity, especially since the north node, symbol of our higher destiny, remains in your sign for four more months. Allow yourself to partake in artistic and creative activities that bring you a sense of peace and ease, Taurus. This astro new year is all about simplification, and radical action.

Tapping into your  imagination will serve as a portal for vibrant new beginnings. Prioritise this.  ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Gemini Sun & Gemini Rising


Gemini, Mars, the planet of action, spends its last week in your sign, and this coincides with the start of the astro new year. One chapter begins, and another nears its end. Think back to August 2022, when Mars first entered your sign for a seven-month stay. Who were you back then? Chances are you’ve evolved beyond belief, and you’re still integrating the cosmic lessons  bestowed upon you.  

This week’s Aries new moon on the 21st may present you with an opportunity to share your experiences with a community of people who’d benefit from your wisdom, and from there doors will open up to you in this space (or beyond), especially once Pluto enters Aquarius on the 23rd. 

Thursday’s Taurus moon activates your sector of spirituality and closure. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to get off your chest, or perhaps tears that you’ve kept within that need to be released, the weekend may present you with the ideal opportunity to do just that. View your  vulnerability as a strength rather than something to hide from. Once Mars enters Cancer this Saturday, you’ll have no choice but to face the depth of your sensitivity.  ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Cancer Sun & Cancer Rising

Cancer, with the start of Aries season your fiery ambition emerges, which may initially take you by surprise. Even if you thought you were satisfied with your professional trajectory, the new moon in Aries on the 21st could present some alternatives that truly light you up. It may be time to  consider a career change — if not now, then within the next six months. What have you truly been longing to dedicate yourself to, and will you give yourself permission to do it? 

Starting this Thursday, the Taurus moon reminds you that life can be taken step by step — there’s no need to pressure yourself to figure it out all at once, even if the speed of Aries season makes you think you must be on the go.  

With your friendship sector activated by the Taurus moon, connecting with friends who accept you for who you are is the name of the game this week. Chances are they’ll suggest opportunities or ideas to you that you wouldn’t have thought of alone. Take time to intentionally connect with your community, because once Mars shifts into your sign on the 25th you’ll most likely feel ready to retreat back into your shell.  ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Leo Sun & Leo Rising

How are you feeling, Leo? When’s the last time you really checked in with yourself to see what’s coming up for you emotionally?

Now that Pisces season has come and gone, the start of the astrological new year activates your sector of expansion, adventure, travel, and philosophy. You 
may be in the mood to either plan a trip, or head on a trip. As long as you’re not running away from your deeper sensitivities, go for it. But be honest with yourself If you’re using travel or adventures as a form of escapism.  

Mid-week, the moon in Taurus highlights your career sector and helps you face your own limiting beliefs. With the planet of luck currently in your fellow Fire sign of Aries, the more risks you take, the more likely you’ll win. But the Taurus moon will square off with your Leo nature, which could lead to you overanalysing a situation that may actually work out in your favour in the long-run.  

It may be wise to wait until Pluto enters Aquarius on the 23rd and Mars shifts into Cancer on the 25th before making any major decisions about your life, Leo. Your sectors of marriage, spirituality  and healing will be activated for the next six weeks, allowing you to hear yourself and others more clearly. Deep down, you know what to do. ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Virgo Sun & Virgo Rising

Virgo, the start of Aries season on the 20th activates your sector of depth, outside resources, and mergers. The Aries new moon on the 21st (and the ten days that follow) is the ideal time to shoot your shot when it comes to grant applications, scholarships, fellowships, and  manifesting your dream job.  

With your planetary ruler Mercury also in Aries for the next three weeks, you’ll notice that ideas come to you in lightning speed, so try to keep a journal near by this new moon week, particularly once Pluto, the planet of transformation, enters Aquarius the 23rd and activates your sector of wellness. 

Venus, the planet of love, spends its first full week in your fellow earth sign of Taurus,  encouraging you to focus on cultivating greater trust in your relationships. Chances are, your lover(s) or potential partner(s) wants to deepen their intimacy with you, and they’re waiting for you to give them the green light. Once Mars, planet of action and sex, enters Cancer on the 25th, you may notice that the tall walls you used to place around your heart slowly start to crumble.  ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Libra Sun & Libra Rising

Libra, now that your planetary ruler Venus is in Taurus, the other sign that it rules, you’ll be more curious about your emotional needs. If you previously were bypassing your feelings or solely focusing on work, Venus’ presence in Taurus serves as a wake-up call. As much as you may appear to be emotionally detached, you actually crave intimacy and connection. So allow yourself  to receive it this week, especially once the Aries new moon strikes on the 21st, activating your sector of marriage and partnership.  

Mid-week, the moon joins Venus in the sign of Taurus, helping open up your heart chakra, while also increasing feelings of stubbornness and self-protection. Yes, you want to get closer to people (not only romantically, but also when it comes to your friends), but you’ve also learned to not overextend yourself due to a desire for connection, and this transit helps you create balance. 

Once Mars enters Cancer on the 25th, your intuitive abilities significantly deepen, allowing you to better discern what’s meant for you, and what’s not. Enjoy this astro new year, and Pluto’s entrance into your fellow air sign of Aquarius on the 23rd. Envision it all working out for you, or  better. ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Scorpio Sun & Scorpio Rising

Happy astro new year, Scorpio! With your sector of health, wellness, and routine activated by the sun’s entrance into Aries on the 20th, followed by the Aries new moon on the 21st, you’re taking your physical, psychological, spiritual, and financial health more seriously than you have all year.  

Use the new moon energy to create a list of non-negotiables you have when it comes to your relationship with yourself, your finances, your wellness journey, and your connections. Holding yourself accountable for the person you want to be and the life you’re building is essential.  

With your planetary ruler Pluto entering Aquarius on the 23rd for the first time in our lifetime, you  may feel like an alien visiting planet earth — your perspective on life, love, family, and your past is  undergoing radical change. Trust this change. 

Starting Thursday, the moon’s presence in Taurus activates your partnership sector. If you’ve felt confused about where things are heading with a significant other or a desired partner, use these days to have clarifying conversations, even if your ego’s telling you not to reach out first.  ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Sagittarius Sun & Sagittarius Rising

Welcome to Aries season, Sag! This equinox feels like a portal for you — if you were feeling  moodier, more sensitive, and nostalgic during Pisces season, the confident and driven energy of Aries season will wake you up from your hibernation and encourage you to boldly pursue your  current desires.  

But with Mars, the planet of action, still in Gemini until the 25th, you may feel like there are several paths, jobs, relationships, and opportunities to choose from, and it could overwhelm you to the point of you not choosing anything at all.  

Pluto, the planet of transformation, makes an iconic shift into Aquarius on the 23rd, and this activates your sector of communication until June of this year. Give yourself the green light to begin working on a writing or speaking project that you previously put on the back burner. The  more you can dive into a niche topic that could appear “weird” to others but feels great to you, the better. 

Capricorn Sun & Capricorn Rising

Capricorn, for the past fourteen years, Pluto, the planet of transformation, has been chilling in your sign, operating behind-the-scenes, and helping humanity create solid foundations for ourselves on a personal and collective level. But it’s also highlighted moments when the foundations that exist weren’t sustainable or healthy for us, on a collective and personal level.

This week, on the 23rd, Pluto leaves your sign and enters Aquarius. Everything’s about to change.  

But before we get there, you may feel a bit shaken up by the dramatic start of the astro new year, aka, the launch of Aries season. Both you and Aries may share the goat as a common symbol, but you’re also widely different. Instead of rolling your eyes at the flamboyance in the air this week, 
you have the choice to accept it fully, and even partake in it. The Aries new moon on the 21st reminds you of the power of play and spontaneity. 

Once Mars enters Cancer the 25th, you may find yourself feeling spiritually seen by someone close to you, and instead of pushing them away out of discomfort, you’ll do the courageous act of taking a step closer to them. Game-changer. ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Aquarius Sun & Aquarius Rising

Aquarius, the start of Aries season on the 20th, followed by the Aries new moon on the 21st, electrifies your life in the most brilliant of ways. With your sector of communication activated by the sun, moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and Chiron all in the first sign of the zodiac, people will be  listening to what you have to say — and your moments of silence will also be loudly felt.  

With Pluto entering your sign on the 23rd for the first time in over two hundred years, nothing about this week will feel “regular”. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a new planet, one where people finally are catching up to the visions and epiphanies you’ve been having for years  now — if not for your entire life. Enjoy this transit while it’s here, because it’s only giving us a short  preview until 11th June of this year before re-entering Capricorn for its final stretch. It’ll be back in your sign in early 2024 for a twenty-year stay. 
This week therefore is all about opening yourself to completely new ways of experiencing yourself, and of navigating the world, Aquarius, while knowing that the universe is aware of your  brilliance. The weirder you allow yourself to be, the better! The world needs your vibe.  ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

Pisces Sun & Pisces Rising

Welcome to the astro new year, Pisces! Now that your birthday season’s come and gone, you’re likely to start off Aries season in a contemplative yet driven mood. With your planetary ruler Jupiter currently in Aries, you’re acting more in an Aries-like matter, whether you’re aware of it or not.  

Check in with your inner Mariah Carey and see if there are ways you can step into the spotlight this week, especially as you set your new moon intentions. Your desires are likely to manifest before your eyes if you’re brave enough to ask the universe for specifically what you want.  

Mid-week, the Taurus moon activates your communication sector and increases your creativity. Whatever feelings you previously had locked up within you may emerge in the form of an artwork you create under the influence of the recent new moon, and during Mars’ final stretch in Gemini.  

Once Mars enters Cancer on the 25th, a softer and more homebody part of you is likely to emerge, as well as your more romantic and sentimental side. Just make sure you don’t let passive-aggressiveness get the best of you if ever things don’t immediately go your way.  Breathe, Pisces… Breathe. ILLUSTRATED BY SUCHET INUTHAI

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