Is there one thing that sums up hard-to-define British style? We’d argue not. If you were to travel across the nation, from Cardiff to London to Edinburgh and beyond, you’d discover quite the array of unique and exciting style subcultures.

So — while we’d love to take a nationwide road trip to see for ourselves — we decided to ask fashion creators on TikTok from across the UK for a snapshot of style in their cities.

Whether they’ve deliberately moved to a part of the country where their style is embraced or don’t feel like their fashion choices are impacted at all by where they live, keep scrolling to discover the spring and summer trends UK creators are loving right now, where they get their inspiration from and what the fashion scene is like in each city — along with TikToks straight from their feeds, too.

Francesa Perks

Location: Manchester

TikTok: @francescaperks

What’s the Manchester fashion scene like?

There are so many different style subcultures. I would definitely say the big influence of vintage shops within the Northern Quarter has helped me evolve my ’90s style in a very authentic way. The vintage offerings in Manchester are so great that there are pieces that I’ve dreamed of having that I’m able to emulate.

Have you lived anywhere else in the UK?

Yes, I’m from the countryside, south Shropshire. It was quite trendy in my age group to wear shearlings and jodhpurs — you know, agricultural best. And that’s where I drew the line. I wanted so badly to be that metropolitan girl.

What are you looking forward to this spring and summer when it comes to fashion?

All my vintage cowboy boots. I’ve been getting secondhand western boots from older women who don’t realise how cool they are and at this point my collection needs to be seen.

Sumbo Owoyele

Location: Brighton

TikTok: @sumboowoyele29

How would you describe your style?

Different layers of modern Gen Z. I like to mix and match elements from the ’60s to the early ’00s

How has living in Brighton impacted your style?

I have previously lived in tropical countries so I would say moving to the UK definitely developed my streetwear style! One thing I love about my current style is my new obsession with thrifting. I’ve come a long way from shopping fast fashion brands and now I can proudly say most of my spring outfits are thrifted.

How would you describe the Brighton scene?

It always has good vibes and good energy. It’s an open and diverse city, and known for being the hub of the LGBTQ+ community in England… That, with the sun and beach, is the perfect backdrop for my fashion.

Lara Dougan

Location: Edinburgh

TikTok: @notlaramaay

What’s your style like?

Very bright, very colourful. A bit out there. I love when people go: “What made you wear that?” And I love platform shoes. Anything platform and that’s me sold.

How would you describe the Edinburgh fashion scene?

Very minimal at the moment. I don’t know whether that’s just because it’s been winter. It’s also quite student-based so it’s very casual sometimes. You don’t really dress up-up, unless it’s a Saturday night. So quite chilled and relaxed but I love to stand out and be bright. I’ll get a lot of: “Why are you wearing that on a Tuesday afternoon?”

What makes you want to stand out?

I’m from a small town further up north and there was nowhere to really go out, no big shopping centres, it was very quiet and everyone wore the same thing. I never felt comfortable there. But now I kind of love going back because living in Edinburgh has made me so much more comfortable with myself.

Mia Fa

Location: London

TikTok: @wabbs_x

What do you love about London fashion?

I’m originally from Essex and it’s definitely a lot more experimental and fun in London. Back home, there’s less people to show my outfits off to — not that you dress for other people but you do get satisfaction about putting together a nice outfit for the day and a whole bunch of people getting to see it.

How do you dress differently in London compared to Essex?

I’d say I’m able to dress more diversely. I like to incorporate influences from Chinese and East Asian streetwear and I’d be less confident doing that in my hometown because it’s a lot more white.

Are there any difficulties that come with dressing how you want in London?

Mainly the weather. And I have to admit that men do play a bit of a role because they tend to stare, and if I’m wearing something on the shorter side I worry a bit about the attention I’m attracting. In London the men will approach you whereas back in my hometown they wouldn’t. I know it’s not my fault but it still makes me feel a type of way.

Sammi Jefcoate

Location: Surrey

TikTok: @sammijefcoate_ 

How would you describe your style?

I love juxtapositions within outfits and style, combining items that don’t seem like they would naturally go together. Many pieces I wear are quite timeless but paired with me they don’t necessarily seem that way (I guess the tattoos play a large role here). A bit of edge, a bit of vintage silhouettes, a bit of timelessness and a stack load of jewellery… I wear what I love and what truly makes me feel good.

How does living in Surrey impact your style choices?

I don’t feel where I live affects how I dress, other than that there’s a hell of a lot more mud around here so there’s that to think of.

How are you so confident in dressing how you want?

Fashion and personal style have always resonated deeply and impacted my life in a positive way. Even when I was bullied at school for getting into goth and metal, I cracked on, knew this was who I was, and it made me stronger. Now, due to the nature of my work I am free to dress how I please and I don’t worry what others think when it comes to my style. I hope to inspire others to find their own personal styles and feel confident in who they are, too.

Olivia Callaghan

Location: Birmingham

TikTok: @selfloveliv

How would you describe your style?

It changes all the time. I love pretty midi dresses but I also love leather jackets and big biker boots.

How does living in Birmingham impact the way you dress?

Well, I get my inspiration from either street style or Pinterest. And if I’m out and about and I see a girl in a great outfit, I’m going to be like: “You need to tell me where your outfit’s from,” because I’m going to buy it. I take inspiration from everywhere.

Are people in Birmingham open to OTT fashion?

Yes. You get a lot of compliments. If you’re wearing something quite eccentric, people will come up to you and go: “You look amazing.” It’s really nice.

Iman Ogundeko

Location: Cambridgeshire

TikTok: @imanogundeko

What’s your style like and how is it impacted by living in Cambridgeshire?

It’s definitely very casual, comfortable and easy. At times it can be androgynous but I like playing with masculine and feminine pieces and I thrift a lot. Because I’m in the country, I like to be super relaxed, a bit more feminine at times and I want to wear more dresses and skirts.

Does your style shift when you travel to other places?
Yeah, I feel like I’m always looking at inspiration around me and taking style pieces from people that I see. I like to see my environment and play around with that.
What staple item are you loving right now?
My oversized men’s blazers, which I thrifted. And one piece that I just love all year round is my trench coat that I thrifted as well. It goes with everything and I wear it all the time.

Abbie Walsh

Location: Cardiff

TikTok: @dream0graphy

If you could describe Cardiff fashion in one sentence, what would it be?

Very relaxed and up to what the individual wearing the clothes finds comfortable.

Have you ever lived anywhere else in the UK and has your style changed because of the places you lived?

I’ve only ever lived in Barry and Cardiff. Having only ever lived in this one part of south Wales, my style has been influenced more by social media and being online. But that’s not to say my style hasn’t changed loads because of Cardiff! The reason my style has changed so much has been from gaining confidence, going out and about in Cardiff and realising that people are incredibly welcoming of individuality.

What do you love about Cardiff in a fashion sense?

Cardiff is a place that has allowed me to grow and develop my personal style without judgment. And this brings me back to my original statement: what’s comfortable for me may not be for others and vice versa. I think being able to accept and appreciate those around us without judgment is wonderful. Cardiff encapsulates that perfectly.

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