Mars, the planet of action, leaps into bold and daring Sagittarius, on November 24, staying there until January 4 2024. The excitable planetary placement will make us want to fight for justice and fairness, while defending the things and people we care about. Sagittarius is the protector of the universe, residing at the entrance to the Milky Way in the sky. Also, the archer is the only constellation armed with a weapon. The centaur is always ready to sling its arrows at the scorpion’s heart (the neighboring constellation of Scorpio), meaning it goes for the jugular without hesitation. 

Mars in Sagittarius isn’t shy. This celestial placement is extrovert and adventurous. If any sexual positions are on the must-do list, now is the moment to experiment.

Everything seems bigger, brighter, and better with Mars in Sagittarius. Things we never imagined achievable are going to come to fruition. The possibilities are endless. The optimistic planetary alignment gives us a surge of energy and enthusiasm. We have the motivation to climb every mountain, search high and low, until we find our dreams. We have the determination and the mindset to make it happen. There are no limits to what we can envision for ourselves and the world. Even if we experience setbacks, Mars in Sagittarius pushes us to embrace the lesson and to use it positively as a tool to ensure we don’t make the same mistakes twice.  

The caveat to these good vibes is that Mars in Sagittarius can be excessive. This means that we won’t know how to temper our moods or when to stop fighting back. We could very well put our foot in our mouths and share damaging information publicly. Therefore, it’s best to tread lightly and not act on impulse — even though the erratic energy wants us to. Once we get started on a project or in an argument, we won’t be able to hold ourselves back, so do not jump before leaping into situations that haven’t fully unfolded to avoid miscommunications or issues from happening. Make sure to joust for a meaningful cause aligned to your personal beliefs — don’t just battle for the sake of wits and ideology. 

The galactic centre of Sagittarius falls between the 26th and 27th degrees of the fire sign. This is a very potent point that leads us to our freedom and truth. It’ll make sex seem like an intense union of people, bring change to outdated systems, allow us to embrace change as a cosmic and divine rite of passage, and expose the facts of situations in a public way (so pay attention to what is being broadcast in the news and on social media). Mars in Sagittarius will reach this degree from December 30 to January 1 2024, during the last days of Mercury retrograde. There will be a big reveal at this time, which means the square between direct Mars in Sagittarius and illusive Neptune in Pisces on December 28 might sting in the days after the fraught connection occurs. Since Mercury is retrograde and Neptune is confusing issues, we may choose to look the other way or bury our heads in the sand until we can fully comprehend what the universe is showing us. 

Don’t let that transit stand in the way of having a wonderful New Year’s Eve. Enjoy the rest of 2023 by taking care of the goals you hoped to begin at the beginning of the year. You can use this cosmic energy to finish 2023 on a high note and accomplish our remaining tasks. Get ’em!

Important Dates: 

November 24: Mars enters Sagittarius, urging us to fight for our beliefs and dreams. Travel, philosophy, debate, and politics take center stage as we defend our views.

November 25: Mars in Sagittarius squares Saturn in Pisces, making us feel inhibited and unseen. As a result, we’ll try to push through these barriers that hold us back. 

December 25: Mars in Sagittarius harmonises with the nodes of destiny, letting fate take a hand in the outcome of how we choose to deal with situations.

December 27: Mars aligns with Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius, creating issues with others if we don’t think before we speak and act.

December 28: Mars in Sagittarius shares a fraught connection with Neptune, adding ambivalence and fear to the mix. This could inhibit us from moving forward, unless we release the fear attached with it.

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