Can you feel it? The vibes are shifting, and it’s all thanks to the new moon in Aquarius taking place on February 9, 2024. According to Stephanie Campos, astrologer and author of Seasons of the Zodiac: Love, Magick, and Manifestation Throughout the Astrological Year, this new moon is anything but chill — and it’s here to rip us from our comfort zones and catapult us into something new.

Let’s back up a bit. “New moons in Aquarius in general encourage you to focus on your sense of community, belonging, sourcing support from your network, as well as pursuing your hopes and dreams for the future,” Campos says. “Sudden drama in your social circle can pop up, and you can make friends just as easily today as you may decide to end a friendship or association that no longer feels aligned.” This new moon often inflates egos, too, and Campos adds that we’re filled with the urge to push back against authority figures in our lives that make us feel limited or restricted in some way. Aquarius is a revolutionary sign, after all, so making any kind of change for the better is this new moon’s M.O.

While a new moon is always the beginning of a new cycle, Narayana Montúfar, astrologer and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power, says that this one is a bit different since it’s happening in Aquarius, the sign that Pluto, the planet of Rebirth and Transformation, just moved into. On top of this energy bringing disruption and radical shifts, Montúfar says “major storylines will begin being written now, many of which will develop over a long period of time — to be more exact, over the next twenty years!”

Aquarius is a sign that’s concerned about the collective, and the new moon being in its space may have us more inclined to take part in group projects, try new things, or engage in humanitarian efforts during this time, according to Iva Naskova, astrologer at Nebula. “This new moon offers a fresh start and new beginnings in these areas, so it’s an excellent time to explore new opportunities and connect with others who share your interests,” she tells Refinery29. “Overall, the energies of this new moon in Aquarius are supportive of social, community-oriented, and innovative endeavors.”

The new moon in Aquarius squares Uranus, the planet of Revolution and Change and the planetary ruler of Aquarius. “We will all be pushed outside our comfort zones, which means that we may not consciously want to make any moves forward toward attaining newness,” says Lisa Stardust, astrologer and author of The Love Deck. “However, since the new moon represents a fresh start, we may be catapulted and urged to do so. Lots of scientific discoveries will be made, as well as the desire for freedom. Shake ups and breakups are possible if they are not aligned with our present and future paths.” Like any new moon, the energy here is palpable — but it’s what we do with this energy that matters.

Campos also notes that the influence of Uranus here will have us feeling a little more erratic and unpredictable. “Your intuitive mind is more open to innovative ideas and solutions, and disruptive news or events can lead to breakthroughs and the change you’ve been avoiding,” she says. “This is not the day to assume everything will go according to plan, as Uranus is known for its instability and surprises.” Uranus is giving us loud and feral energy here, and it may manifest in the people around us — and yes, even us — to bring those kinds of vibes to light. Be aware of how you’re making people feel this week, reader — it may not be your goal to be as disruptive as you’re drawn to be.

Although rocky, this new moon also has a gentler side to it. “What I love about this new moon is that the luminaries are forming a Grand Air Trine in the sky with the Lunar South Node in Libra and Asteroid Vesta in Gemini,” says Montúfar. (This means that three or more planets are trine each other in a single element, this one being air). “This combination will help us make decisions from an objective perspective and move away from the relationships or contracts that no longer work for us so we can invest our time and energy in things that are truly sacred and important to us.”

New moons are a time of change — we know this. How you use the moon’s energy to create change, though, is all up to you.

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