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“If I told you how much I think about her, you’d think I was in love!” These lyrics are from Olivia Rodrigo’s new single, “Obsessed,” but are also the perfect way to describe how I feel about the Grammy Award-winning artist. Last month, the superstar released five new tracks on her sophomore album GUTS. From the feel-good “So American” track that serves as Olivia’s first optimistic love song, to the melancholy “Scared of My Guitar” ballad that demonstrates the songwriter’s vulnerability, each of Olivia’s new songs has a distinct vibe and aesthetic; all while being true to the singer’s emo-angsty, hard-and-soft, ‘90s-tinged sound.

Inspired by these new tracks and ahead of Olivia’s UK tour (which hits our shores in May), I curated an outfit guide for every GUTS song; concert-perfect outfits that are just as tongue-in-cheek as her lyrics, as well as looks that mimic her ultra-stylised music video looks.


“All-American Bitch” inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Many can relate to being put in a box by society, and Olivia has given us the perfect pop-punk princess anthem (à la Avril Lavigne and early days Paramore) we needed to reclaim our power. To channel this song, take inspiration from O-Rod herself when she performed it on SNL; flipping the good girl script on a sweet ‘60s-inspired Peter Pan collar dress and matching bloomers (because you’ve got “class and integrity just like a goddamn Kennedy”) with not-so-school knee-high stockings and grungy Dr. Martens Mary Jane platforms. You can also pull from the “Coca-Cola bottles that I only use to curl my hair” lyric and buy yourself a kitschy soda can bag. Maybe just give the smeared cake approach a miss this time.


“Bad Idea Right?” inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Ever thought about getting back with your ex? So has Olivia — if we are to believe the tale she weaves in “Bad Idea Right?”. Here, we found pieces nearly identical to the ones she wore in the music video, in which she leaves a house party to head to her ex’s apartment. Sure, you can always opt for a revenge dress, but we love the more unexpected pairing of a fuzzy cropped sweater with a sparkly sequin mini skirt like Olivia. Her stylist for the video, Danielle Goldberg, has since revealed that the unusual combination is in fact a well informed homage to several iconic 90s and early 2000s films: Jennifer Love Hewitt’s baby blue top in Can’t Hardly Wait (1998) and Liv Tyler’s baby blue fuzzy jumper in Empire Records (1995).

To complete your look, throw on a red heart pendant necklace, ripped, sheer rights, white tank top over a red bra and classic Converse high-tops. Again, slushy stains are optional.


“Vampire” inspired GUTS Tour outfit

While Olivia wears a white strapless ruffle dress in her “Vampire” music video which gradually gets bloodied as the singer tries to flee a crowd of pursuers, we’re pulling inspiration from her crimson red 2024 Grammys performance gown instead. It’s all about the drama with this one — match the energy of the pop-rock-gothic piano ballad with silk, satin or lace. Basically, anything a vampire would kill to wear. For a truly thematic look, I would add in a blood-stained pearl choker, a vampire-inspired graphic tee, or even make a nod to one of pop culture’s favourite bloodsuckers (Twilight’s Bella and Edward, or Buffy’s Spike and Angel). “Bleeding me dry like a goddamn vampire” indeed!


“Lacy” inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Rather than taking on Olivia’s persona in her jealousy-drenched ballad, channel the angelic Lacy by pulling directly from the lyrics. “Eyes white as daisies” — opt for a yellow babydoll dress with dainty flower embellishments. “Like ribbons in your hair, I’m tangled all in knots” — cart up some hair bows (the 2024 “it” accessory that’s not going anywhere). “Skin like puff pastry” — a cake-shaped bag works, right? “Like perfume that you wear, I linger all the time” — spritz on some unabashedly sweet perfume. 

Still not sure how to translate “Lacy” sartorially? Look to Olivia’s own wardrobe. Whilst promoting GUTS, some of her favourite outfit combinations included super sweet floral mini dresses paired with platform Mary Janes, and puffy headbands.


“Ballad of A Homeschooled Girl” GUTS Tour inspired outfit

“Ballad of A Homeschooled Girl” is the second song Olivia plays on the GUTS tour after her “Bad Ideas Right?” intro — a riotous, punky sucker punch of a start exploring feelings of social alienation. For the first few songs on tour, she wears this shimmering silver two-piece with fishnet tights, platform Dr Martens and a chunky silver charm necklace. Replicating this look is a fun and easy nod to your fave.

If it’s the song itself that you want to channel, consider styling a modern, more mature version of a school uniform. That could mean pairing a cropped cardigan with a pleated mini skirt and Mary Jane flats. After all, no one does back-to-school like pop princesses (see Britney Spears’ in the “Baby One More Time” music video).


“Making The Bed” inspired GUTS Tour outfit

No, this song isn’t literally about making a bed, but we’re going with that theme for an outfit option. Wear a luxe feather-trimmed, silky satin or funky patterned pyjama set or style up a pair of boyfriend style boxers for the cosiest of looks (no need to worry about post-concert aches and pains here!). Finishing touches? Feather adorned or extra fuzzy slippers — you already know you’re probably going to be packing a second pair of going-home shoes anyway.


“Logical” inspired GUTS Tour outfit

As Olivia puts it, “Love is never logical.” With themes of confrontation, gaslighting and heartbreak, your outfit should match the heart-versus-mind energy. And what’s better than a cheeky graphic T-shirt with a heart-on-sleeve message? Better yet, match the energy with heart-printed everything (dresses, denim, shoes… You name it).

For a tour-inspired look, at this point of the show Olivia has donned a sparkly, disc-sequin, chainmail style dress over a black two piece. All the better shinier to sit upon a floating moon and fly across the arena like the (rock)star she is.


“Get Him Back!” inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Olivia loves wordplay, from her interpretation of “guts” (feeling gutsy, spilling your guts, hating your guts, etc.) to her single “Get Him Back!” Sure, she wants to get her ex back… but only to make him suffer like she did. Copy her tour look with a gutsy graphic tank and bedazzled tights (alas, the microphone probably won’t get past arena security).

For a more understated, everyday outfit, I’m looking to the music video for this track in which Olivia wore a white baby tee, floral mini skirt and (of course) her fave shoe choice, black platform boots. It’s the perfect mix of soft-meets-hard that matches the ironic song title.


“Love Is Embarrassing” inspired GUTS Tour outfit

The line “I’m planning out my wedding with some guy I’m never marrying” stuck with me on this one, so I reckon a playful, punk-rock bridal-esque look works wonders; even better, wear your your heart on your sleeve (literally) with more heart motifs to match the bruised energy of this banger. Just be sure to toughen up the jilted vibe with Olivia’s signature fishnet tights and combat boots to remind your ex who really has the power in this dynamic.

Tour-wise, for this track Olivia wears a sequinned black two piece (bra top and micro shorts). This look is super easy to mimic and make your own.


“The Grudge” inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Is “The Grudge” your cry-in-the-car song? Welcome to the club. It has a combo of anger and betrayal, and a blend of toughness and sadness. Replicate that juxtaposition with an outfit that plays with contrasting textures. Pair a sheer, romantic lace top with edgy leather trousers, or better yet — find yourself an asymmetric dress that combines black lace, satin and velvet all at once.


“Pretty Isn’t Pretty” inspired GUTS Tour outfit

When I listen to “Pretty Isn’t Pretty” — a sadly all-too-relatable song about insecurities and attempting to cover them up — I imagine a sad pageant queen or a despondent rom-com character of the 80s, John Hughes kind. So, for this song I’m paying homage to Molly Ringwald’s insecure Sixteen Candles character with poofy, bubblegum-pink prom dresses and plenty of feminine details (bows and floral corsages). All the better to dress up your unique, natural beauty (and to dance along to this sad-bop of a tune).


“Teenage Dream” inspired GUTS Tour outfit

In “Teenage Dream,” Olivia, now 21, sings about her final year as a “teen.” So, what better than honouring your teen years with your outfit? Whether that’s the more subtle teenage trends of yore (Y2K inspired graphics, 2010s Tumblr core Indie Sleaze, youthful butterfly motifs, childlike jelly shoes and chunky Mary Janes), or the literal; friendship bracelets, personalised birth year necklaces, and on-the-nose “Teenage Dream” fan made merch. (Don’t forget, Olivia isn’t the only pop star with an iconic song with this name — Katy Perry did it first).


“Obsessed” inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Never afraid of screaming out all the dark, embarrassing things we’ve all thought before, Olivia sings about comparing herself to her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend — and the very relatable obsession she has with her. If you want an edgy outfit that mimics the music video’s costume, wear a black tulle dress paired with a heart-pendant choker, red crew socks and chunky Mary Janes. Very important, don’t forget your pageant queen style sash for whatever girlfriend you are. My vote?: ‘The one that got away.’ (You can get them personalised here).

For a tour-inspired look, Olivia switches things up with a red hot sequin playsuit at this point in the show. As ever, you can’t go wrong with some sparkle, whatever you choose to wear for your GUTS gig.


“Girl I’ve Always Been” inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Feeling misunderstood? But also proud of your true self? Then this bop is likely your favourite new GUTS song. A tough cookie deserves a wholesome-but-badass outfit to match their personality — matching the country twang in this song I’ve thinking a pop punk-meets-Western amalgamation. So, blue denim with interesting embroidery details, chunky, colourful cowboy boots, fringe jackets and statement sunglasses. Yeehaw meets Disney knees (If you know, you know).


“Scared of My Guitar” inspired GUTS Tour outfit

Soft, delicate and vulnerable, this song has a quietness that makes us conjure up a visual of Olivia strumming her guitar in a wild flower meadow at sunset, wearing a sweet summer dress and tactile, homespun accessories (crochet, raffia, patchwork etc). I know, I know — it’s just how my brain works… At least, this is how I’ll be listening to the song all summer long (it’s my favourite out of new bonus tracks btw).

Even if you don’t play the guitar, you could make a fun nod to the lyrics with a guitar pick necklace that represents your love of music (and this song), or a graphic band tee that calls to the long and illustrious lineage of other female musicians and their “right through to the heart” lyrics.


“Stranger” inspired GUTS Tour outfit

“Stranger” evokes the feeling of the weight of a past love coming off your chest, the realisation that all your pain has made you stronger and the hopefulness of a new beginning. Now, that’s pretty difficult to translate into an outfit, so we pulled from Olivia’s storytelling of waking up in bed to all of these feelings and reflecting on her past relationship over a cup of coffee. So, that means comfy clothes only — all the better to wallow, ruminate and process (or at least bed rot and listen to GUTS on repeat).


“So American” inspired GUTS Tour outfit

We know and love Olivia for her relatable heartbreak bops, but the singer just released her first true love song in which she sounds happy and optimistic about her love life. Many have inferred that she’s singing about her current boyfriend, British actor Louis Partridge: “He says I’m so American.” For a literal interpretation, wear an American flag knit, blue jeans, retro-inspired sneakers, and an all American smile. After something more subtle? Stripe and star motifs, sporty styles, a red, white and blue colour palette, and Western imagery are your friends.


“Can’t Catch Me Now” inspired GUTS Tour outfit

There’s just something about iconic pop stars writing hauntingly beautiful, folky songs for The Hunger Games franchise and wearing an equally ethereal white dress in the music video (see also, Taylor Swift’s “Safe & Sound”). If you’ve also had your heart set on Olivia’s corseted style from “Can’t Catch Me Now”, you’re in luck — I’ve found plenty of dupes. Ideally, you would wear yours barefoot to run through the woods (“I’m in the trees, I’m in the breeze, my footsteps on the ground…” etc, etc) but that’s not always practical. So, if you’re frolicking through a city or dressing for the GUTS tour, its time to pull on a pair of brown leather cowboy or biker boots for a rustic vibe.

Finishing touches…

Olivia Rodrigo GUTS Tour inspired makeup

A must have for any GUTS Tour makeup look? Glitter, glitter and more glitter! Bonus points if it’s purple to match the album cover. I’ll be including confetti like star face gems into my attempt.

Olivia Rodrigo GUTS inspired letter rings

Whichever song you’re inspired by, a GUTS Tour outfit isn’t complete without some bold, chunky initial rings. Either spell out the album like Olivia, your own initials or an anagram of your fave track.

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