Have you given up on professional hairstyles in this work from home situation? Unfortunately, video calls are now a thing! Grab your comb and listen up.

This article rounds up ways to convert your everyday hairdos to easy professional hairstyles. No one will ever know you just woke up!

Check out These Professional Hairstyles You Can Do in a Minute

Professional Hairstyles Without Accessories

1. Polished Slick Back


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Best for sudden conference calls is a slick back style, the easiest hairstyle yet.

Dampen your hair and brush your hair back, tucking behind the ears. Add a bit of gel to lock it in place if your meeting will run longer than 30 minutes.

2. Wavy Bob Hairstyle


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Who said a professional hairstyle will give you more work?

Let those locks loose and rock a wavy bob. Tuck one side behind your ear to emphasize a thin jawline. Best worn with earrings to add flare.

3. Ironed Bob Hairdo


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Run a flat iron through your hair for a polished hairdo. To add volume and personality, curl it inwards.

Professional Hairstyles With Accessories

4. Headbands


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A cute headband literally has you covered on a bad hair day.

This comes highly recommended to girls with bobs. It will highlight your bob and will give it much needed volume and definition.

5. Hair Clips

Shallow Focus Photo of Woman in Black Long-sleeved Shirt | Easy Professional Hairstyles For Your Conference Call | easy hairstyles for work

This quick hairstyle for work is the perfect marriage of function and form.

Sweep your hair to the side, pull your hair back on the opposite side, and fasten with a voguish clip. This fast and easy hairstyle will get your board room ready within seconds and will give you more than enough time for a cup of joe.

Professional Hairstyles With Knots

6. Low Knots


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The low knot is heaven-sent for beauties with medium length hair that want their mane out of the way.

Opt for a low knot when you want something easier than the bun. Class up your look by accessorizing with a thin headband. It’s a simple hairstyle with the maximum effect.

7. Long Ponytail With A Knot


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This 5-second hairstyle is a new take to the knotted ponytail.

After tying your hair, grab a small section, twist around your elastic and tuck underneath. This unique detail will immediately elevate your ponytail game.

Professional Hairstyles With Braids

8. Braided Bangs


Power through your morning conference call with this charming hairdo that means business.

On days when your bangs are uncooperative, braid them! Loosely braid the hair by the forehead and clip back for a polished and done up look.

9. Fishtail


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Turn that messy ponytail into a professional hairstyle. A fishtail hairstyle is an elegant twist to the classic braid.

This is perfect for beauties with very long hair. It will keep your long locks in place during a lengthy conference call and the length will best highlight the fishtail braid.

10. Braided Ponytail


Fret not if it’s not your shampoo day!

Slick back your ponytail and braid the end for an effortless professional hairstyle.

11. Halo Braid


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Add some flair to that video call with the halo braid.

Braid along the hairline to give your hair that halo vibe. No need for additional accessorizing. Give your halo the center stage.

Professional Hairstyles With Ponytails

12. Half Ponytail

Women's Pink and Black Floral Dress |Easy Professional Hairstyles For Your Conference Call | hairstyles that are easy

The half ponytail is another favorite 5-second hairstyle.

To add more oomph to your hairdo, use a printed scrunchie instead of a black elastic.

13. Sleek High Ponytail


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The sudden meeting got you down? Go for a high power pony.

Slick your hair back, pull up your ponytail to your crown, and tie it with a reliable elastic. Apply some gel to flatten the loose hairs.

Professional Hairstyles With Buns

14. Half-Up Bun


Long-haired beauties listen up. If your hair is looking a bit flat and lifeless, add volume by doing a half-up bun.

Tease your bangs and make a loose half knot, then continue with how you usually make a bun. A half-up bun won’t tug on your hair as much, and with half the weight and the tease, you get a lot more volume.

15. Messy Bun


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Messy yet intentional, the messy bun is easily everyone’s home hair and work hair. It’s sleek and neat, yet practical and easy to rock.

16. Twisted Ponytail


A literal twist to an otherwise simple and professional hairstyle. A twisted ponytail will be your best friend if you love to keep your hair back, but still, stay stylish.

Do you have a medium length hair? Abby Smith curated these amazing hairstyles:

Now that you’ve got plenty of hairstyle ideas for work, try practicing them before your next call. These professional hairstyles will work with you from the network to Netflix.

After brushing up on the best and easiest professional hairstyles, let us know which one struck your fancy in the comments section below! We’d love to know your thoughts.