starbucks pink flamingo frappuccino

Pink drinks are currently having a bit of a moment with pink prosecco coming to the UK very soon, Percy Pig cocktails getting us through lockdown and Lidl launching a pink gin.

So it makes sense that Starbucks will be offering a pink frapp, and it’s likely you’ll see it cropping up on your Instagram feed over the next few weeks.

Since the coffee shop closed alongside a number of food and drinks outlets as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, their at-home frappuccino recipe went viral and allowed customers to recreate the popular drink in their own kitchens.

But from 4th June, the Ruby Flamingo Frappuccino will be available across all UK stores and it sounds delicious.

The drink will contain real ruby chocolate pieces, raspberry flavoured syrup and pink whipped cream and will be a perfect cool, refreshing summer beverage.

The tangy taste is fruity, and looks like a bright pink dream.

Ruby chocolate is a relatively new find and has proved popular in recent years with its fruity flavour and chocolate texture. Belgian-Swiss cocoa company Berry Callebaut introduced it in 2017 and has seen various brands incorporating it into their products, including Magnum ruby ice creams.

The Mini Ruby Flamingo Frappuccino will set you back £3.45, while a Tall is £3.75 and the Grande is £4.

It will only be available for four weeks so if you want to try it you’ll have to get hold of one in June.

You can order one on the Starbucks UK app to pick up yours in store, and it’s also available for delivery on Uber Eats across 12 cities in the UK.

Happy Instagramming!