They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, which might explain why so many of us are itching for a new tattoo right now. With tattoo shops closed to stop the spread of COVID-19, our plans for new ink are currently on hold — but that doesn’t mean we don’t spend a few minutes every day checking out a bare place on our body that could really use some inspiring art.

Whether driven by a newfound creativity, a need to process heavy emotions, or a way of honouring a beloved lost friend, these are the tattoos Refinery29 editors are pre-booking with their artists for when quarantine ends.

“I’ve always wanted a tiny tattoo — right now, I have absolutely zero tats — and being stuck in quarantine has made me want to get one as soon as I’m able to. I grew up by the beach in New Jersey, so a tiny seashell like this one by Rosa Bluestone Perr just feels like a good fit and a cute nod to where I’m from.” — Lizzy Gulino, Health & Wellness Writer
“Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a serious tea drinker — I easily put away anywhere from five to eight cups a day, starting with matcha or English breakfast in the morning, and ending with herbal tea before bed. I can’t think of a better way to commemorate my love for the superior hot beverage (coffee drinkers, don’t @ me), than with some minimal, vintage-inspired ink like this one by Siarn Engels.” — Karina Hoshikawa, Beauty & Wellness Market Writer
“Haters will joke that it’s because I’m #1 twice, but 11 has always been my favourite number since it’s the day I was born and — like me — it’s got a twin. I love this one by Nero Liquido.” — Hoshikawa
“There’s nothing like a global pandemic and sitting inside for over two months and counting with no end in sight to make a stir-crazy (but very lucky to be safe at home) girl consider her very first tattoo! I enjoy this artist’s work and would love to have this bird-flipping butterfly inked on my body for all time — it’s cute, irreverent, and feels extremely on-brand for me. I’m envisioning it on the back of my left arm, just above my elbow.” — Rachel Krause Deputy Beauty Director
“Call me basic, but I love a good floral tattoo. Before being in quarantine, I had plans to cover up a botched rose hip tattoo with something more robust so that it could heal by summertime. Though those plans are now paused, I still can’t wait to emerge with a new and improved piece post-quarantine — with this one by artist Lauren Lillian as my guide.” — Aimee Simeon, Beauty Writer
“The twelve-year-old inside of me has always wanted a butterfly tattoo but has never been bold enough to follow the fad. Now, the blooming insect seems symbolic as a rebirth piece when life gets back to its new ‘normal.’ This shattered piece by Ghinko feels just right.” — Simeon
“For years I’ve wanted a cherry tattoo. I didn’t really have a good reason, but do you ever need a good reason for a fruit tattoo? And then Harry Styles released the saddest, sexiest break-up song titled Cherry. I decided it was absolutely 100% necessary to have the small fruit tattooed on my arm. I planned on getting it this Spring with some friends but it sounds like my petite cherry will have to wait until 2021. For now, I’m crushing on this version by Juan Sanito.” — Hannah Bullion, Associate Social Media Editor, Beauty + Fashion
“I have zero tattoos and I plan to get my first one whenever it will be safe to do so with the name of my beloved senior cat, Grace, who passed during the quarantine. I have a chunky bracelet that a friend made for me with Grace’s name engraved into it, and I would like my tattoo to be identical to that.” — Cristina Fuser, Director Of Product