Ombre French nails is a trend nowadays, thank you in part to the advancement of nail technology. Gorgeously clean looks are not anymore impossible to create because of the advent of acrylic nails.

Nail technicians have also been so inspired by all these innovations that we see a lot of different Pinterest worthy creations.

If you haven’t yet marveled at the awe-inspiring works of art, let me show you what I mean.

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Ombre French Nails Inspiration

1. Fresh French

Classic White Nails | Stunning Ombre French Nails You Need In Your Life

Let’s start with a twist on the classic. This clean, ombre take on the classic French tips is beautiful in its simplicity and elegance.

2. Sky Blue Ombre French Nails

Sky Blue Nails | Stunning Ombre French Nails You Need In Your Life

This sky blue, ombre monochrome nail design is a beautiful example of a futurist aesthetic. The artist created an obvious edginess with the monochromatic polish on the tips.

3. Baby Pink

Baby Pink Polish | Stunning Ombre French Nails You Need In Your Life

For the dainty and demure is how I would describe this very simple but also very chic ombre French nail design. The addition of a single glitter nail on the ring finger adds variety and pop to the look.

4. Yellow Ombre


The ombre base on this one is a good choice of colors. Very much like the colors of the sunset by the beach.

5. Marbled Tips

There’s something about marble that is mesmerizing, maybe it’s because of the design created by nature. This marble design by Tarrah Distad is equal parts mesmerizing and amazing.

6. Studded Beauty


This superb artwork created by Nails by Fania is total bling. Set with a very simple backdrop of peach and white ombre nails, topped with beautiful gemstone designs.

7. Princess Dainty

Full-on beadwork over ombre French nails isn’t a bad idea at all. Tastefully done in such a youthful vibe, this creation by Nails by Lina would fit a modern princess.

8. French Gems

Nude ombre nails are a perfect background to studded, glittery nails much like this work by the artist Fania. The perfection of the ombre effect on this work is highly commendable as well.

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9. Crayon Tips

This ingenious and quite tedious take on the ombre French nails deserves a spot on this list. Notice the ombre effect happening only on the tips.

10.Ombre Sparkle


Sparkles created by tiny holographic glitters are eye-catching especially when placed on top of white French tips. This can also be created with bigger glitter sizes if you want to make it a bit on the chunkier side.

11. Bejeweled

Definitely a favorite on this list. The beautiful jewel-toned gems used for this creation by the artist Melinda Toth is wonderfully highlighted against a pale ombre background is a winner.

12. Bridal Chic

Immediately, the flower design on this nail art reminds me of bridal chic. Truly this ombre French nail artwork is fit for a woman walking down the aisle.

13. Matte Luxe


The lovely sky and the beautiful sights and sounds of Paris are what this nail art reminds me of. The artist has created a masterful piece of art using white and bluish-gray nail polish. Of course, the nail design created here is needless to say, very pretty.

14. Rose Gold Glitter

The overlay of rose gold glitter on this otherwise clean ombre French nail tips is a good way to glam up the look. Placing it in different sections of the nail creates an intriguing but cohesive look.

15. Sunset Ombre French Nails


This clean and warm French nail design is a fresh take on the ombre nails trend. Keeping it interesting with a mix of warm colors on the fingers using the same color palette completes this look.

Feeling inspired yet? Recreate the French ombre nail with this tutorial by Yana Irbe:

Nail art has definitely gone up a notch in terms of technology and design. There are so many good artists nowadays and so many inspirations.

Creating this list of ombre French nails has been a relaxing activity just by looking at these beautiful artworks from the many different talented nail technicians around the world.

What’s your favorite nail design from this list? Share them with us in the comments section below. 


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