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The Queen is currently isolating at Windsor Castle with Prince Philip as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. The monarch has employed a skeleton staff of 22, who have regular Covid-19 tests and rotate shifts over a three week period.

However, things got a little tricky for the royal when she first moved from Buckingham Palace as she was unable to get into the castle.

According to The Sun, the Queen was driving onto the estate when she became stuck outside the Nelson’s Gate entrance – and it wouldn’t open for her.

While her protection offers were with her, they attempted to open the gate but weren’t able to help her out as the entrance was locked due to tight security measures. Oops.

The newspaper reported: ‘A frustrated protection officer appeared to kick a side door in desperation before escorting the Queen around the block until the gate was unlocked.’

An onlooker said: ‘It’s hugely embarrassing. There should have been a guard opening the gates automatically when the Queen came round the corner. Someone either forgot to open them and there was no gatekeeper.

‘In the end, the Queen and her protection officers were forced to essentially circle the block like people looking for parking downtown until someone inside was able to correct the error and get the gate open.’

Oh dear.

Luckily, they eventually managed to get the Queen into her estate.

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