Breast Cancer Awareness

One woman every ten minutes is diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK.

The impact of Covid-19, however, has meant some women may not have followed up on their symptoms. Many reportedly feel worried about having to attend a hospital appointment for fear of catching coronavirus.

But the message from everyone involved in breast cancer services is, if you’re worried about a breast change, take action immediately.

This also means that Breast Cancer Awareness month has never sent out a more vital message about early detection, which improves your chances of successful treatment.

The importance of checking your breasts

One in five women have never checked themselves for breast cancer symptoms, according to research by The Estée Lauder Companies. What’s more, one in seven have never seen or been shown how to check their breasts.

According to TV doctor Dr Zoe Williams, self-checking at home is simple: ‘There’s a real lack of confidence about checking breasts,’ she says.

‘Often I think that we are all overthinking it. It is really about getting to know your own breasts so you can identify if something is odd. Do it once a month ideally – getting your period can serve as a reminder. Have a good look from the front for changes in size, shape, a rash or lumps, then from side to side. Repeat with your hands on your head, then with your hands on the hips and your shoulders rolled forward.’

‘Next use three fingers and your palm to press the skin,’ she continues. ‘Use circular movements to compress the breast tissue. Feel the nipple and all the way up to the collarbone and back down. Finally feel the side of the breast up to the armpit.’

Best breast cancer awareness beauty buys

What’s even better is that you can support Breast Cancer Awareness month by shopping your favourite beauty products.  Many brands have pledged to donate proceeds to help raise vital funds for breast cancer charities.

That’s what we call painting the town pink – all with a click of the mouse…


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