From Instagram’s nipple censoring to the general understanding that only men are allowed to be shirtless in public, female breasts have always been policed. Nowhere is this more apparent than in branded advertisements, where hypersexualisation is allowed but images of real breasts are few and far between. US female wellness brand Frida Mom set out to tackle this problem with its new #sprayitforward advert, which shows clips of full breasts and real-life breastfeeding. Released on 24th February, the video has gone viral for its accurate portrayal of lactation issues, breast stimulation hacks and new mother exhaustion. 

Reaction to the campaign has been nothing short of positive, with many social media users praising the brand for showing the messy realities of life as a breastfeeding mum. “I just cried. This is so real. I’m watching this while feeding my baby girl. It has been such a hard but very worthwhile journey,” said one commenter. Another remarked: “Thank you for so accurately representing what it’s like to be a new breastfeeding mother.” The joyous reaction has also transferred over to the Frida Mom Instagram account, with one user commenting: “This helped me feel less alone like I’m the only one experiencing the struggle.”

While the advert has already gained a notable response online, a 30 second version is set to make its US television debut during the 78th Golden Globe Awards this weekend. According to the brand, Frida Mom was previously prevented from showing a different advertisement during the 2020 Academy Awards. In a statement uploaded to YouTube alongside the video, the brand said: “It’s not ‘violent, political’ or sexual in nature. Our ad is not ‘religious or lewd’ and does not portray ‘guns or ammunition’. ‘Feminine hygiene & haemorrhoid relief’ are also banned subjects. It’s just a new mom, home with her baby and her new body for the first time. Yet it was rejected.”

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