Well, that’s unexpected

Prince Harry reveals surprising opinion of The Crown

It’s been a busy month for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Between the exciting announcement that the couple are expecting their second child together in the Spring, to the news that they’re shortly due to give a tell-all interview with none other than Oprah Winfrey, it’s all go in the Sussex household.

So when Harry announced that he and Meghan are regular Netflix fans during his hilarious interview with James Corden on the Late Late Show, frankly, we’re surprised they can find the time.

During the interview, which covered everything from Harry’s rapping skills (could use some improvement), to the couple’s treatment by the British press following the announcement that they were stepping down from their senior royal roles, James wasted no time in asking Harry the one question we’ve all been dying to know: “How do you feel about The Crown?”

Harry’s response? Unexpected, to say the least.

“They don’t pretend to be news, it’s fictional but it’s loosely based on the truth. Of course it’s not strictly accurate,” Harry replied.

“It gives you a rough idea about what that lifestyle and what the pressures of putting duty and service above family and everything else and what can come from that.”

Much to our disappointment, The Crown’s creators have revealed that the show will not continue to the present day, so viewers will not be getting an onscreen portrayal of the Sussex Royal couple.

However, Harry and Meghan recently signed a Netflix deal themselves – thought to be valued at around $112 million – to develop everything from documentaries, to TV series.

Harry candidly added, “I’m way more comfortable with The Crown than I am seeing the stories written about my family and my wife or myself.

“Because there’s the difference between what is obviously fiction, take it how you will, but this is being reported on as fact because you’re supposedly news. I have a real issue with that,” he said.

Well, that’s that cleared up.

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